Oven Smoked

What is oven-smoked salmon?

‘Hot’ or ‘oven smoked’ salmon actually cooks during the smoking process. ‘Oven-smoked’ salmon is placed in the smoker and taken to temperatures that exceed 145°F for at least 30 minutes. The result is firmer and flakier than cold smoked fish but more moist than grilled or barbecued fish. This unique texture is the result of the careful balance of controlled smoking time and temperature– a skill that St. Mary’s prides itself in. The results speak for themselves. 

What oven smoked products are available?

Salmon Strips  (available in peppered, maple, and all dressed)

Salmon strips are the most popular hot smoked product in Canada. This Maritime Original is the result of taking the most moist and flavourful sections of the salmon fillet, marinating them in salt and sugar, then cooking and smoking them simultaneously. The process seals in their flavour, making them a delicious snack, appetizer or main course. Strips are also the healthiest fast-food around.

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