Royal Nova

The choice for many high-end restaurants in Nova Scotia, Royal Nova is our most luxurious cut of smoked salmon available. Often referred to in Europe as the Czar fillet or balik, it’s a heavily trimmed, lightly smoked fillet that yields a center cut,  tenderloin of salmon perfect for sashimi style applications.  Simply put, it’s rich, buttery, lightly smoked decadence at its best.

How is it Processed?

  • Hand selected fillets are dry cured with a special mixture of salt and sugar and then air dried
  • Lightly smoking is followed by a generous trim to yield a center cut loin of uniform thickness
  • A further trim is done to remove the pellicle – the shiny, slightly tacky skin that forms on the surface of a cured fillet.
  • Vacuum sealed on a board in a clear pouch
  • Frozen and Boxed

What Packs and Brands Are Available?

  • Royal Nova Brand in Random weight  (200 – 400 gram ) packages principally for the Food Service
  • Special order for consumers possible. Contact us for more details.

Serving Suggestions:

Royal Nova can be presented elegantly with a simple garnish of capers and lemon wedges. Or for a Japanese twist, serve sashimi-style with wasabi and pickled ginger. See the Food Service Operator section for some other restaurant-inspired Royal Nova applications.